BUSES are being used to take the pressure off of overcrowded trains at Bromsgrove Station this week.

A sign was displayed at the New Road station to warn passengers that certain services may be too busy to board, and that alternative transport could be needed.

London Midland, which manages the new £24m station, said the overcrowding has been caused by a national shortage of diesel trains.

Francis Thomas, speaking on behalf of London Midland, said: "During the Easter school holidays we have a coach on standby in the morning. This is because the off-peak services are very popular.

"There is a national shortage of diesel trains so we can’t get any more rolling stock just now - so having the stand-by bus is the right thing to do.

"The good news is that when the route is electrified we will be adding three extra trains per hour from Bromsgrove to Birmingham."

The Advertiser reported on rail users' outrage at overpacked trains in December, when it was revealed that passengers had been turned away from services arriving already-full.

Bromsgrove resident Vivien Earnshaw said: "I thought the new station was meant to be making things better."

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