PENSIONERS, mothers and disabled bus users in Alvechurch have boycotted a county council-run service into Bromsgrove over claims it isn't accessible.

The 182 and 183 Woosh services have been criticised for not providing adequate room or facilities for passengers, with some users left stranded in Bromsgrove town centre when there was no room on board.

Each services does a return trip daily through Bromsgrove, Lickey, Alvechurch and Redditch.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "I'm not a regular user of the service but I do use it and so do a lot of my neighbours.

"People I know have been told they can't get on or have found it's too awkward for them to get on because they've got a pushchair or a zimmer frame or a shopping trolley.

"One of the buses hasn't got any wheelchair spaces whatsoever, and because you never know which one is going to turn up, some people haven't been able to get back from town.

"I know a few have given up using the service altogether and are now doing their shopping in Redditch instead because it's easier to get to.

"It's a shoddy service. I thought it was a legal requirement to cater for people of all abilities."

District councillor Michael Thompson is now calling on Worcestershire council to make 'significant improvements' to its vehicles.

"The service is inadequate," he told the Advertiser. "It has insufficient seats and does not have good provision for wheelchair users and those with buggies for young children.

"The Tory-led county council has just voted through a significant pay rise for councillors - despite Labour opposition. It is appalling that this is happening whilst vulnerable people are being denied access to vital services."

A spokesman for the council said Woosh services did comply with relevant accessibility regulations.

Cllr Alan Amos, cabinet member for highways, said: "The County Council has stepped in to provide the residents of Alvechurch with a bus service after the withdrawal of the previous operator, this is a temporary measure until a replacement operator can be found."