VANDALS have caused thousands of pounds in damage defacing the skate ramps and cafe in Sanders Park, despite council officers scrubbing the graffiti off three times already.

Surfaces across the park have had to be replaced because they can't withstand such rigorous cleaning, in what Bromsgrove District Council has described as a 'spate of vandalism which is ruining the park'.

Bromsgrove dad David Johnson contacted the Advertiser after watching the graffiti become progressively worse during his daily dog walks through the Kidderminster Road park.

He said: "Doesn't it make you proud to live in Bromsgrove with scumbags like this around, reoffending weekly?

"I really love to enjoy Sanders Park daily with my dogs and kids but it makes my blood boil to see this sort of abuse not policed. The poor cafe owners have had enough of it this year."

Bromsgrove Council claims officers no longer have the time to repeatedly clean-up the park, due to other projects going on across the district, and is now appealing for the community's help.

A call has been issued for volunteers and community groups to help return the park to its original splendour.

Cultural services manager Ray Cooke said: "The graffiti is of poor quality so really is an eyesore especially as it has been put on practically every flat surface in the park.

“Officers work hard to maintain the park so it can be enjoyed by all of our residents but we only have a certain amount of resources.

“By pulling together as a community I hope we can return the park to a state where it can be enjoyed by everyone once again.”

Cllr Peter Whittaker, whose portfolio covers parks, added: "Some graffiti does enhance urban areas and we are happy to work with talented artists in a constructive way, but this is, frankly, just a blot on a lovely landscape.

“Sanders Park is one of the jewels in Bromsgrove’s crown and I am absolutely disgusted that it is being treated with such disrespect and contempt.”

The council is also working with police to catch these amateur artists in the act, and is encouraging residents to remain vigilant.

Community safety officer David Rischmiller said: "The Council is working with the police to catch these criminals and we urge residents to play their part to protect their park and report any anti-social behaviour.

“The tag is very distinctive – someone must know who it is and can help.”

Witnesses to anti-social behaviour should call 101. To volunteer call the council's parks team on 01527 881382.