TWO talented young documentary makers have helped produce a one-off film in Africa.

Brothers Alexander and Elliot Weaver, aged 20 and 23, have returned from spending 10 days in Ethiopia with members of the Birmingham charity Life Uplifted by Change in Africa (LUCIA).

The documentary helps demonstrate to current and potential donators how the charity supports women’s self-help groups, individuals, orphanages, schools and businesses in Ethiopian villages.

It also shows how LUCIA raises money and awareness in the UK, through charity events including auctions and concerts.

Since 2005 the charity has been helping poverty-striken villages, and particularly assisting women and children who suffer cultural disadvantages in society.

The Rednal pair are currently participating in a digital camera operator’s courses at the Bromsgrove-based company Free Spirit Film and TV, and discussed the African experience on the course.

Elliot said: “It was a humbling experience and one that is impossible to walk away from without affecting your perspective.

“We were extremely welcomed by everyone there and impressed with the way LUCIA is helping people.

“We hadn’t done anything like this before in a country with such issues, but it clearly shows that when you can spot a story that needs telling, you just need the skills to make it work.”

The pair are planning a premiere of the film, when it is completed.

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