NEW analysis based on the driving performance of 19,000 drivers, more than 40 million journeys and 154 million miles of travel has found that women are better drivers than men.

Putting aside historical accident statistics, trends and estimations used by insurers, looking at everyday driving behaviour, women are significantly (20%) safer drivers than men.

The analysis from Wunelli, a telematics solutions provider for the insurance industry, found:

  • Women drivers are 20% safer than men
  • Women drive 28% less at night than men
  • Women exceed the speed limit 12% less than men
  • Women brake hard 11% less than men

It is feared women’s car insurance premiums will rise following the EU Gender Directive coming into play next month.

Sandy Dunn, chairman of Wunelli, said: “Motor insurance rates to date have been based on estimations, trends and averages gathered and analysed over many years.

“When the EU Gender Directive comes into play, insurers will need to rely more heavily on the postcode of the driver and the car type being driven to determine the premium.

“For some women this won’t be a bad thing but others could see their premiums rocketing.”