RECENT research released by the Energy Saving Trust stated that almost £7 billion of fuel is being “wasted” by English motorists.

The organisation calculated that drivers could save an average £270 each - or 20p for every litre of petrol and diesel - by following a range of smarter driving tips.

Research published by vehicle auction company, British Car Auctions (BCA) suggests, hoewever, that motorists are already changing their driving habits to reduce their carbon footprint, which is also delivering financial benefits.

Research conducted among 4,000 motorists for the BCA 2012 Used Car Market Report shows that reducing their personal motoring carbon footprint has become an important focus for drivers in the last year.

“Walking more often” comes top of the list at 29%, followed by “Cutting out unnecessary journeys” at 23%.

When it comes to motoring behaviours, 16% said they drive more slowly to reduce their carbon footprint, 15% avoid heavy braking and 14% accelerate less quickly. Fifteen per cent also check their tyre pressures quickly.

Those are all measures the Energy Saving Trust highlighted in its report as playing a crucial role in saving on fuel costs.

Tim Naylor, editor of the BCA Used Car Market Report, said the data showed many motorists had already adjusted their driving style to save on fuel.

He explained: “The recent report by the Energy Saving Trust gave motorists useful advice for cutting their fuel costs. Our research shows that this is already a major focus for drivers.

“As well as changing their actual driving behaviours, by driving more slowly or cutting down on heavy braking, motorists are also thinking about the use and choice of their car to reduce costs.

“Eleven per cent of respondents to our research said they now use public transport and 27% said they will look for a car with better fuel consumption when next making a change.”