AN opera written especially for care homes with residents can no longer get to the theatre, is to be performed again to raise money.

The first opera written specifically for care settings, Six Characters in Search of an Opera, has been offered without charge to care settings including care homes, dementia units, community day centres and hospices.

Earlier this year the group performing the opera, which features talented singers, carried out a successful tour of nursing and care homes in Worcester, Pershore, Evesham, Malvern and Ledbury.

Based on an idea by Michael Norton, 6 Characters is written by popular playwright Rachel Barnett and directed by award-winning director Helen Eastman.

The larger-than-life characters in the opera are portrayed by professional opera singers Francesca Lanza, soprano, Stephen Brown, tenor, Cristian Chiggiato, baritone, Louise Crane, mezzo, and James Williams, musical director.

Davina’s Fund, a small charity that aims to bring opera to older people unable to go and experience it for themselves, has been behind the project.

Camilla Vickers runs the charity in memory of her mother, Davina, who set it up before she died of cancer two years ago.

"Despite this project being on the road, so to speak, only from this year, interest is gathering at various levels," she said.

"One of the many questions I often ponder over is this. Through great advances in medicine we're managing to extend people's lives - but what is the point of that if the quality of that extra life isn't good?

"In order to bring much needed attention to the established need for provision of quality arts in care settings, and to help raise the funds for us to take this show to more who cannot get out to the theatre, we put on a show for the public at The Orchards School of Cookery.

"The evening was a great success, everyone loved the show and the project itself."

Two more fundraising shows have now been organised, taking place again at The Orchards School, in Evesham Road, Salford Priors.

The shows will be held on Thursday, November 2, at 6pm, and Friday, November 3, at 7pm.

For more on Six Characters, or to book, email, call 07508 510 419 or visit