STAFF and volunteers from YMCA’s charity shop in Bromsgrove High Street are planning to make a real song and dance as they stage a flashmob and perform the popular 70s disco classic, YMCA, this Friday, June 28 at 2pm.

The YMCA flashmob will take place at Hight Street near Iceland and organisers are hoping supporters will come along (dressed in the appropriate costumes) and join in the fun, pledge their support as a volunteer or make a donation to the charity.

To add an extra twist, the YMCA team has come up with their own lyrics which explain why they love working for the YMCA so much, and which have even gained the seal of approval of the Village People themselves.

A wide range of local businesses have already pledged their support by giving donations for the tombola.

Frances Carter, YMCA shop manager, said: “Everyone associates the YMCA charity with the song and even the dance, so we thought it would be fun to make the most of this opportunity to raise awareness of our work as well as some much-needed extra funds.

Since arranging this, staff were given sad news and asked to cancel the event, Frances says they all refused and wanted to continue with the plans and combine the event as part of a farewell to the High Street store, as it closes its doors for good the week commencing July 1.

She added: “Bromsgrove people are always very generous in support of the work we do and we are hoping to raise lots of money to support our work with young people while having lots of fun at the same time. We want to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to the public for their continued support.”

For more details, call the store on 01527 835195.