BROMSGROVE residents have been reassured a lamppost in the town is not a danger to the public, despite a large crack forming.

A Sidemoor resident, who wished not to be named, contacted the Advertiser with concerns the lamppost, in York Road near the junction with Broad Street, was about to fall down.

This image, taken by the resident last week, shows the column with the crack next to its door panel area.

The resident said that although it was not a major crack, another lamppost in the area fell apart around Christmas and came down, so residents feared the same could happen again with this column.

"Apparently - the council say - lampposts are checked every month," she said.

"But there has been no action on this one, which looks unsafe.

"I've complained to the council and councillors, but no one gets back to you."

A spokesman from Worcestershire County Council said: "From the photos we can see that there is some cracking to the door area, which is not a structural issue and does not affect the columns strength as this is achieved by steel reinforcing bars within the concrete.

"There is no electrical danger to the public as access cannot be gained inside the column.

"A highways inspector will carry out a thorough inspection of the column to be on the safe side. In the meanwhile we will continue to monitor the column and if it is deemed to have become unsafe we will take the appropriate action."