DETECTIVES have issued a ‘summer sneak-in’ burglary alert, highlighting two incidents in Bromsgrove where thieves are believed to have taken advantage of insecure doors and windows.

The burglaries at Churchfields in Sidemoor may be linked due to factors including their proximity and the type of property stolen.

Both properties are thought to have been accessed via the rear gardens and insecure windows or patio doors.

One was unoccupied when it was entered between 9.30am and 4.30pm on Thursday, June 12.

The haul comprised an Acer laptop worth £400 and jewellery worth a further £2,000. This included a gold necklace, earrings and bracelet with an Aztec design, a rope chain gold ankle bracelet and another bracelet with blue and white stones.

Thieves crept into the other house between 1am and 1.30am on Wednesday, June 11, while the householder was home but in another room. They took his white Sony laptop and three mobile phones, together worth £620.

Police are appealing for witnesses and asking people to contact Redditch CID on the non-emergency number 101 if they are offered any of the stolen property, in particular the jewellery which is quite distinctive.

Detective Constable Tony Flannagan from the North Worcestershire anti-burglary team said the offences highlighted how vulnerable people were to thieves if they failed to lock windows and doors, even while at home.

He said: “With summer upon us and the weather generally warmer people will often leave windows and doors open to get a bit of fresh or cooler air blowing through the house.

“Unfortunately opportunist thieves will target such properties as they know they can nip in and out very quickly, grabbing any valuables in sight.

“People need to get into the habit of ensuring doors and windows are locked, even if they are at home, and equally they need to get out of the mindset that this type of offence always happens to other people and not them.

“We have also had several burglaries where unlocked porches were entered and upstairs windows have been accessed so our advice about windows extends to all of them, not just those on the ground floor.

“And please don’t leave valuables, especially electronic goods such as laptops, iPads and mobiles, lying around in full view to tempt thieves or leave large sums of money at home.

“Before people go on holiday they should ensure that everything is secure, use light timer switches to give an impression homes are still occupied after dark, and notify neighbours that they are going so that they can keep an eye on the place.”

“These are simple security measures which can give you peace of mind while you are relaxing elsewhere during that hard-earned summer break.”

For more ideas about home security West Mercia Police’s website,, has a new interactive feature, Citadel House, which shows people how to reduce the likelihood of burglary, room by room.