STAFF at a wealth management firm in Bromsgrove have raised more than £240 for Cancer Research by selling bacon sandwiches.

AFH Group employees and their mums made the breakfast butties to be sold at a charity sale at the Stoke Heath offices, alongside dozens of homemade cakes.

Communications manager Steve Mee said: "Every year staff choose a charity to support, and then they hold a number of events which are all staff-led.

"The company supports them and makes sure the facilities are there but all initiatives come from members of staff.

"We've done cake sales before but this time someone suggested making some bacon sandwiches with their mum and then people started volunteering to do the same.

"We also hold a charity raffle every month where the winner gets the best office parking space. Everyone enjoys doing their bit and getting involved."

AFH's 300 staff will be wearing their most dazzling Christmas jumpers to work on December 14 to raise more money for Cancer Research.